Beschichtung von Klemmbacken
Beschichtung von Klemmbacken
Hartmetall Beschichtungsgeräte * Electronic Carbide Metal Impregnator
Hartmetall Beschichtungsgeräte * Electronic Carbide Metal Impregnator

Welcome to Hans-Georg Feldhaus Machines + Tools Rocklinizer Representative Europe

The company Hans-Georg Feldhaus was founded in 1996 as a small business with a focus on polishing of tools and molds. Later, we started with the distribution of tools and machines for several years. Now we are the General Agent for the Rocklinizer Electronic Carbide Metal Impregnator in Germany and Europe.


The patented ROCKLINIZER process has been successfully used for many years to improve die casting technology, especially for aluminum, magnesium and also for Gravity Casting. The ROCKLINIZING technique protects wear areas of dies with tungsten carbide / titanium carbide electrode material.

In addition to sales of new equipment, we offer accessories and spare parts for all devices. We take over repairs, we rent devices and offer wage work. Larger coating jobs can be performed directly at the customer's location.

Many users can report about the excellent quality of our devices.


For more information about our products and services, please contact us.

Visit us on Tube Fair from 15-19 April 2024 Halle 5 / G10

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