Beschichtung von Klemmbacken
Beschichtung von Klemmbacken
Hartmetall Beschichtungsgeräte * Electronic Carbide Metal Impregnator
Hartmetall Beschichtungsgeräte * Electronic Carbide Metal Impregnator

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The Rocklinizer equipment, using the Rocklinizing process, applies a hard and wear resistant surface of Tungsten Carbide, Titanium Carbide and Rockhard electrode material to repair metals, tools and dies.


The Rocklinizer electronically impregnates and deposits wear-resistant material both underneath and on top of metal surfaces. Unlike welding or metal spraying, no appreciable heat is generated; and the electrode material will not separate or flake off the workpiece. After Rocklinizing, no heat treatment, grinding or other surface treatment is necessary.

The end result of this surface treatment is to increase productivity and reduce costs. When the tools and dies remain in operation without replacement due to wear, there will be less machine downtime, operator idle time, and expense of new or resharpened tools and dies. These savings justify the purchase of the Rocklinizer.


The Rocklinizer uses three types of electrodes to apply a hard and wear resistant surface.

Tungsten Carbide is applied to high speed steel and other metal surfaces to prolong useful life and reduce wear.

Titanium Carbide alleviates structural drawbacks of carbide tools and inserts. This seals the compressed carbide and binder particles for a homogeneous and longer lasting surface.

Rockhard electrodes build up materials, reclaim undersized tools by restoring tolerances, provide gripping on collets and clamping blocks, and maintain dimensions on bearings, shafts, and other metal surfaces.



The Rocklinizer applies Tungsten Carbide, Titanium Carbide and Rockhard Electrode Material to Metals, Tools and Dies.

Typical applications include:



punches, dies, casting, collets, chucks, broaches, chasers, foam tools, knives, shears, saws, hobs, cutoffs, bearings, carbide inserts, drills, taps, end mills, reamers, milling, thread cutter, tool bits

Common Uses Of The Rocklinizer Include:


  • Punching, Stamping, Forging & Extruding: Stop slug pull back, reduce galling, extend time between sharpening
  • Solid Carbides & Inserts: Surface seal and prevent chipping
  • Die Casting: Restore parting lines, prevent heat checking, soldering, seizing of cores, protect gates and runners
  • Plastics & Composites: Improve fabrication operations including molding, machining, trimming and protecting abrasive wear areas
  • Gripping & Screw Machining: (i.e. bending clamps, collets, pusher pads, feed fingers, chuck jaws) Provide a suitable textured finish and restore tolerances
  • Glass Processing: Molds, cut off tooling, glass handling equipment
  • Perishable Tools & Dies: Reduce wear on high speed steel and carbide tooling
  • Wood Industry: Saws, cutters, planer blades, and chipper knives
  • Maintenance: Restore tolerances on bearings, shafts, and other wear areas
  • Paper Products: Die cutting knives and shear blades



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