Beschichtung von Klemmbacken
Beschichtung von Klemmbacken
Hartmetall Beschichtungsgeräte * Electronic Carbide Metal Impregnator
Hartmetall Beschichtungsgeräte * Electronic Carbide Metal Impregnator



Mold & Die Repair Equipment repairs molds and dies
made of steel.


Rocklin MoldMender Microwelder weighs only 22 Kg and is very portable, allowing repairs to be performed anywhere in the shop, including mold repair in the injection molding machine.


No previous molding experience is required to operate the Rocklin MoldMender Microwelder.

Rocklin MoldMender Microwelders have six low power selections and eight high power selections, which adjust the microweld pulse length to accommodate different microwelding situations. Also, the microweld speed (number of microwelds per second) has six selections.  

Highlighted Features


  • Push Button Controls for exact machine settings
  • Six Low Power settings for delicate repairs
  • Eight High Power settings for faster and heavier repairs
  • Variable Microweld Speed control for various job demands
  • Automatic Indicator Lights for assistance in machine settings
  • Audio Microweld Indicator for ease of operation
  • Heavy Duty Rotary Hand Piece, Cables and Copper Ground Plate
  • 100% Solid State electronics for reliable operation
  • Employs a non-capacitive, resistance microwelding process for more dependable results
  • Made in USA by an established company providing prompt service


  • Power Requirements
    220 - 240 volt models available
  • Dimensions
    W x L x H:  255 mm x 305 mm x 355 mm
  • Shipping Weight
     22.7 kg.

MoldMender Microwelders come complete with power cord, foot switch and cable, metal scissors, electrode holder and cable, ground plate and cable, small electrode, large electrode, repair materials (choice of 4 metallic ribbons, 2 metallic wires and 1 metallic paste), and instruction manual.

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